Maverick Rugby



As a high-school sport we are not permitted to charge a registration fee or to require a donation. However, we absolutely need money to operate. Currently we receive no financial support from the school or district. This means that all our income comes from parent donations, sponsorship and other team fundraising activities.

As you can imagine, we incur a lot of costs to operate, for example:
1. Player registration fees to USAR (the national rugby organization), which primarily provides liability insurance and secondary medical insurance for players.
2. Player registration fees to SCYR (the SoCal state youth rugby organization), who primarily runs our league and provides referees and athletics trainers at games.
3. Reimburse coaches for their registration fees and certification costs.
4. Uniforms, training equipment and supplies, first aid supplies, etc.
5. Adminstration costs such as web site, registration, LCC foundation, etc.
6. Food to players at home games, both our team and the opponents. This is a rugby tradition to feed the opponents and share a meal after the game.
7. Transportation cost to away games
8. Field costs for practice and games as required
9. A stipend to the head-coaches

As you now realize, we would not be able to operate without donations from parents. We estimate that we need $250 per player from parent donations to cover our costs. As such, please donate by using the button below. 
The online donation is via PayPal, but you do not need a PayPal account, just a credit card. If you prefer to donate via check, that works great too! Please make out the check to "LCC Foundation" and add "Rugby" in the memo line. You can drop off the check at the foundation office at school. You can also split up the donation into 2 or 3 payments to make it easier. If you are unable to donate the full amount, then please consider volunteering your time.  
We could not function as a team without your support, so please consider making a donation!